About Arduino

In the arrangement of quest-rooms, in systems such as keypad, telephone equipment, safe system etc., lately has been actively used Arduino (Arduino) platform.

Arduino – a small fee, which built of the processor and the contacts to which you can connect a variety of simple and complex devices – sensors, speakers, motors, lamps, routers, LED indicators, diodes, code panels, mp3 modules, modules of wireless communication and diversity other modules. After that is writing software component to the controller that controls logic of device. In result, you have an interesting and unique device.

Arduino can be programmed to solve any problems, turning on a full electronic device whose purpose may be varied, depending of the needs and wishes.

This platform is the most popular among systems “Smart House” and various quests, especially in the live escape quests, which is why we deal with it.

Arduino has many advantages:

  • relatively low cost
  • many finished modules, which can work immediately
  • reliability in work
  • find and buy fee or compatible items is not a problem

Disadvantages include:

  • the need to have a working knowledge with board
  • require programming software component

In escape quests in reality are increasingly using programmable Arduino microcontroller. Developers of quests resorted to the widest opportunities that can give board Arduino, because using specially written programs can implement any idea of various tasks.