Writing scenario

Scenario for live escape rooms and other quests in reality.

Створення сценаріїв

Системи для квест кімнат, Програмування ардуіно

Developing systems

Programming and realization systems based on boards of our own production with different difficulty levels.


Taking into account all the nuances of developing a successful live escape rooms in reality: features of the room, theme, scenario, tasks, systems, decorations and budget.


Programming systems based on boards of our own production with using magnets, reed switches, relays and other sensors for various physical phenomena: heat, cold, light, water, the effect of the magnet and many more.

Realization with videoinstructions

We deal with the practical application of our scenario and systems sowe better understand all the possibilities of their realization, provide relevant advice, guidance and video with instruction of connecting.

Customer wishes

Developing systems and scenarios depending on customer needs, looking for popular topics, exploring the famous books and movies of different genres, games, art, culture and history.


Creating scenario with easy, medium and hard difficulty, consisting of original themed tasks, parallel lines, may contain unexpected turns of events.


Execute orders qualitatively and in a short time using only high-quality tools and gauges, repeatedly tested and verified.

Our clients

Urban Hotel
Escape Quest