Keypad | Keyboard

The code panel or computer keyboard in live quests are very popular items, especially in rooms that are equipped with modern technology and made in hi-tech theme. However, if the scenario does not include exterior panel with buttons, you can easily seal any image of letters, numbers or other symbols that are important for passing tasks.

Bar code and computer keyboard are considered very convenient for quest-rooms, because they consist of a large number of elements, so it’s easy to come up with the right combination, by contrast, input options are very much, so the percentage guessing combinations actually close to zero.

The combination, which you need to enter is arbitrary – setting of the panel or keyboard can be in any sequence, depending on what it should be in a particular quest-room.


After typing the correct sequence of elements (letters/numbers) mechanism is working and giving a performance you need.

In the complete set may include, if desired, bar code or computer keyboard, sensors, magnets, relays, electronic locks and others (depending on the specific task). The size and appearance of the keyboard can be varied.