Programming Arduino

Arduino microcontroller can connect to any device to set the desired effect. Most Arduino is used in simple systems, for example, to control the on / off light mechanisms, for improvement of existing devices, for automation of greenhouses and a number of other tasks.
Projects based on Arduino controller can be quite varied, ranging from programming one device and ending with the whole system of devices that are controlled by a single board.
Fees Arduino is used in the “smart house” where the program are controling lighting, ventilation, household equipment, security systems, door locks, alarm system, speakers and other devices.
Now in Ukraine there are many online stores where you can buy fee and the prices are very nice.
Also, to work with the board Arduino, you must have some knowledge of programming and electronics.
Our team works with Arduino microcontrollers family for over 2 years. We are programming systems of varying dificulty for quest-rooms in reality in which use a variety of sensors and devices.
We offer systems for quest-rooms, ranging from simple systems with magnets, geckos and relays to complex systems that can completely manage the entire room and track the progress of players in all tasks.
While creating a system for quest-rooms, we use only high-quality tools and gauges, repeatedly tested and verified. Our systems are original and unique, we are developing them specifically for a particular quest rooms.
In addition, we develop and program the board with your Arduino functionality. From lighting control to complete system “Smart House”.
Our systems are small and compact, so they are easily hidden anywhere in the room and do not take much place.
In our systems, except programmed microcontroller Arduino, which can simultaneously manage several mechanisms, we use magnets, reed switches, relays and other sensors for inputing and outputing information. Our sensors can respond to temperature, light, touch and other physical phenomena.
We provide videos to our systems with detailed instructions.