We understand that to develop successful live escape quest-room all nuances are important : room, theme, scenario, tasks, systems, decorations and budget. By developing scenarios to the room, we consider each of the aspects listed above.


All the room are different, but for us it is important to highlight their features and benefits and successfully use them in filling rooms.


Important role played by theme rooms - the theme, which is giving the general course of the quest, fill it with certain emotional color and atmosphere that players should like and remember. Before developing room we explore popular and current trends, predict the way of thinking and interests of the audience.


Scenario of the quest is a plan the sequence of the game. By creating several tasks for the room, we start from the features and theme of the room. In scenarios should participate items that fit into the style of the room, but at the same time perform thay should have a particular function – be the tips or the parts of mechanisms in quest. Our scripts can be easy, medium or hard difficulty, composed of several lines and include unexpected turns of the story.


The tasks for us is key in creating a quest room. From the actions that the team will do in the room depends the speed and quality of their game. So for satisfying the players t is important that all quest tasks were interesting, original and non-standard and basic - efficiently implemented.


We realize the tasks and make them interesting for the players by creating a systems of different types and difficulty. In our systems can participate different subjects and we use sensors on various physical phenomena: heat, cold, light, water, the effect of the magnet and many more.


Room decor helps to support the atmosphere of selected theme. In our scenarios, it can be quite varied - starting from walls and ceilings and ending with the smallest details of furniture or interior.