System, that works by a specific object and shines inscription

System Diary is suitable for quest-rooms of various themes. You can use it in original way to disguise the image or code to solve tasks. The system consists of panels Led-RFID-module and RFID-tags.

To activate the backlight panel, players should attach the object that will include RFID-tags. Only when the panel will light, participants will be able to see the encrypted image. Tags can be easily disguised in a piece of paper.

The image will be visible while the RFID-tag is applied to the panel. Once participants take it off - the picture disappears.

Blog system works simply and effectively. There is no difficulty in connecting. All you need - to connect the power value of 5 Volts and turn mechanism in the conventional 220 Volt socket.

The team is ready to consider individual customer requirements about the mechanism.