The system is triggered by a knock on her

System to the knock

System to the knock is a very practical and popular device for quest rooms. You can connect this system to an electromagnet or light. After players knock to the system, takes place some action - flashed light or turned on an audible message, for example. We use individual approach and offer a device with the wishes of the client.

Connecting the system is very simple and does not require constant monitoring from the user. Sensitivity is governed by you own desires. Reinforced sensitivity allows for action after knocking with a small force. When the susceptibility is set to a higher level - will have to knock stronger.

In the quest rooms practically use this mechanism, because immediately after knock you get the desired signal, sound or electromagnetic action. You can adjust the switching on and off of devices via the system to the knock, wich will add originality of the quest.

In the process of ordering options discussed additions and diversity of system functionality.