We are developing mechanisms and systems of various types. As a basis we use boards of our own production, which we are programming according to customer needs.

Our systems are small and compact, so they are easily hidden anywhere in the room and do not take much place.

In our systems, except programmed microcontroller Arduino, which can simultaneously manage several mechanisms, we use magnets, reed switches, relays and other sensors for inputing and outputing information. Our sensors can respond to temperature, light, touch and other physical phenomena.



We offer systems for quest-rooms, ranging from simple systems with magnets, geckos and relays to complex systems that can completely manage the entire room and track the progress of players in all tasks.

While creating a system for quest-rooms, we use only high-quality tools and gauges, repeatedly tested and verified. Our systems are original and unique, we are developing them specifically for a particular quest rooms.

We provide videos to our systems with detailed instructions.