The screen, that displays the heart beats

The system, which reflects the heart beats - a small box that consists of a screen (which displays the rhythm of the heartbeat) and four knobs, that have a certain position. The system starts to be active after the player inserts a USB flash drive into the USB-connector.

Position the handles - is a way to find the correct code. Turning the knob participants set heart rate. This may be one, two or three strokes in accordance with the provisions. When the correct sequence will be introduced - will trigger relays and the electromagnets will be unlocked.

In the quest-rooms screen, that displays the heart beats, is a practical and interesting way. The system is easy to use and connect, does not take up much space, but can make some difficult to find out the room for participants.

After finding the right combination,you need only to bring down the code again to lock the magnet. The mechanism is connected via two self-clamp terminals. The system is connected to 5 volts, magnet (load) to 12.

In the process of ordering we discuss your individual proposals to supplement or improve the mechanism if necessary.